More Products Lower Prices

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Many complain that there they beauty and spa field is overcrowded. Everyone has a line out and everyone has a spa.

But, I think that the more offerings the lower the prices and I have proof to back it up.

Five years ago, I bought two manicures at an Upper East Side Salon and the price for a basic manicure at that salon was 50.00 per manicure.

Now, because several competitors in the field have shown up offering not only the same manicure but cult like followings, the older or prestige salon was forced to lower there price on the basic manicure to match the competitors.

Of course some of there other prices have on facials have gone up to offset the competitive manicure market.

My point if you love a product or a service and you think it out of reach wait around 6 months and you will be able to afford what you truly love.

Cheers to competition!

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