Resources for NYC Entreprenuers

Have a great idea? Think I can do what they are doing even better?

Here is a comprehensive list of resources for just about everyone. Of course Google for complete information.

1. NYC Fashion Fellows
2. NYC Venture Fellows
3. Startup Weekend NYC
4. Kaplan Venture Tech
5. CFDA Fashion Incubator
6. Students First
7. Tech Stars
Digital Heath Startups
Blueprint Health
Angel List
8. Aging 2.0 yes the elderly have great needs as well.
9. Hot Bread Kitchen

If you still can't find what you are looking for
Try local colleges and universities in NYC alone NYU Poly, Cornell Tech, Colombia Tech Ventures, GA, All CUNY colleges.

Still cant find what you are looking for then start your own at:
National Association of Business Incubators.

So, that didn' t work Fortune 500 companies do look for ways to Partner with startups and people who have profitable insights, find the right people with research and send a friendly e mail.

Cheers to putting thoughts into action and taking frustration to solve problems.

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