RETRACTION: Clinique Make Up is Awesome

OK, We all make mistakes and I am not perfect, as I was updating my make up from last year, this is what I noticed.

 My dilemma:
 I needed eye shadow that could easily come off in an instant.

2. I needed a lip color that was one nude and one lip color that was an evening and day color.

3. I also needed an eyebrow pencil as well.

So, I went to a department store and I was given the smoky eye in blue, which is amazing!

The make up artist used a dark black chubby color as a base and layer the lid with blue and the brow bone with a shimmering eye color.

Nude lipstick every will be where this Spring and Summer. They have an amazing nude lipstick with gold earrings and bright yellow this is a winner by far and it compliments all types of skin tones.

Fill in those brows for a thicker fuller look.

But did this solve my problem for eyemakeup that could come off instantly?

Well when I came home I went to the mirror and with a cotton ball no product, the eye make up came off in a instant!

Of course I did my nightly ritual which is to exfoilate at night and put on a moisturizer before I go to bed.

But, Clinique made me eat crow in terms of a core skin care line that has amazing make up.

Mea Culpa!

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