The Day of Small Beginnings-Networking Tips

One day I was at a fashion event and am speaking to a person about growing our "brands," she had only began to blog about six months ago and her philosophy was "GO BIG, or GO HOME," she was only going to pitch to big companies and establishments.

The following are three examples of people who embraced me and taught me a lot while they were starting a new.

1. Treat your customers like they are family:
 Many times when I was in Grad School, I would go to this Italian restaurant and we would talk, his wife would tell me about lean times, as well as the Greek Orata fish that was just flown in overnight for dinner service, we shared in the excitement of them building a brick oven for homemade pizza, etc. Food and service are always the equivalent of a 5 star dining experience.
Fast Forward: So when he Chef Maurizio won CHOPPED on the Food Network, I was so happy, because I remember sharing their struggles and it was so good to see someone who worked so hard for so many years be rewarded nationally. Thanks Chef for teaching me the power of treating everyone like a star!

2. Know Your Worth:
I was still in writing school and I happened to come across an ad for a Michelin Chef who wanted someone to ghostwrite a book on Aprohsdiacs.  We had an interview at a local bar and he told me his goals and plans and then told me to write what I thought my services were worth. I was clueless, I wrote an amount down and he looked at me and looked at the paper, then asked if I thought this was the correct amount. He told me that the amount was so low that he couldn't believe that I would ask for something that low with all the work that he wanted to do with this project. I didn't get the job.
Fast Forward: His Sex on Tables dinner parties have sold out, but he is finally opening up a restaurant in Brooklyn!
Thanks Chef Fed for teaching me about believing in myself and knowing my self worth when it comes to asking for money. Never low ball your self!!!

3. Power of Determination:
Before there were Fashion Incubators many designers would apprentice under major designers, then start their own labels. When one designer went out on his own, I got an invite, to go to his show for NYFW, but the show was not in a hip place, but I went and I reported on it turns out he worked for some pretty big names in Fashion.
Fast Forward: Not only does has is own design studio, but has other designers who sell along with him in a 3,000 square foot showroom in LA. He has gone on to style major A- List celebs including pop star Usher and others. And every Fashion Week, I get an invite from Creativ PR, which I am so thrilled to go to the shows.
Thanks to Adolfo Sanchez and Creativ PR for teaching me the power of determination.

Someone who is starting out today is the next big thing tomorrow!


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