Ways to Prepare Your Heart for Love

Ever Google someone who has royally screwed you in the past, just to find out that they are some high level executive, or is married to a dreamy man.

Well, I hate to say this but that is the reason why you haven't found true love.

So long as we have an attachment to the past, whether it is positive or negative, we can never appreciate all the good that is going on in our lives NOW.

Last year was an eye opening year for us, but instead of seeking revenge or going to the competitor with scathing e-mails about people, we made the shift from revenge to empathy. 

Are we going to business with these people again NOPE, Is a co-worker ever going to going out with a douche of guy, no matter how many times he says sorry NOPE.

But, what we have learned that people are in some deep psychosis and they truly believe in whatever they believe, so their actions come across as bizarre.

So how does this prepare our heart for love?

Well if you are harboring any forms of negativity even righteous gloating, then you are blocking your true goodness from coming through.

Also, it gave us a chance to truly examine our motives why were we trying to do business or be in relationships with people who we intuitively knew were toxic.

So, this Valentine's Day embrace a spirit of empathy, if you are single book yourself into a spa or read a great book Sophie Kinsella is my favorite author.

Embrace the goodness that life with a clean and open hear has to offer.

You will be surprised at the results!


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