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Foodie Friday: Devilish Recipes

Okay, so you are hosting your Halloween Cocktail Party for 15 to 20.Here's some crowd pleasers:Hungarian Paprika Chicken Wings
Take 7 pounds of raw chicken wings that are cleaned with vinegar and lemon juice.
Pat Dry
Take Hungarian Paprika both the Spicy and Sweet kind and throughly rub the chicken wings with the mixture cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight.Next morning defrost chicken wings bring it up to room temperature, then toss again with olive oil.
Bake at 350 degrees til chicken is done.
Take out and cool.Devil Eggs
Boil 4 dozen eggs in a stock pot all at once to ensure eggs are cooked evenly at the same time.When eggs are cooking make the dressing for the egg yolks that you will pipe in later.Dressing:
1 cup mayonnaise
1 bottle of capers
2 Tablespoons of curry
1/4 cup of Worcestershire Sauce
Blend wellAfter eggs have cooled and you have the egg yolks in a bowl blend with the dressing, so that every thing is an even consistentcy. Pipe into egg whites.Focccia B…

Parental Resources

Many parents ask "I didn't know that!"Our thought is well there is Google for the past month we volunteered with a major mentoring organization that does exactly what they say. Although we are on the fundraising team, every time we go to the headquarters there are adults, who are making a difference in a child's life through home work help and tons of extra cultural activities.But, here's our list of other organizations that will assist children:
ABC - A Better Chance places students on a need base program to competitive high school boarding schools.How do they get prepared academically for those exams?
SEO Sponsorship for Educational Opportunity, which provides academic tutoring from elementary schools straight to college internships.Oliver's Scholars:
This is another program that rigoursly prepares students for academic competitive fields and schools.Posse Foundation
This foundation prepares students for free academic scholarships to competitive schools.All…

Colloboration over Competition

Many of us feel threatened when we meet someone who is better credentialed or better looking or even funnier than ourselves.After going to several conferences and business meetings this year we have all concluded that FEAR is the underlying source of competition.Some would say competition is great it keeps you on your toes. It is good to know who is the same space, who is doing the most innovative things, but that is research and being aware of your industry.Competition always comes from a negative place. It comes from a place of insecurity and it is very subtle. Some one may be in the position to recruit you for ideal position, but feels jealous because you went to a better school than did, so they would drag out the hiring process or pick your brain for company or industry solutions. You tell them then you don't get the job and see your ideas on BuzzFeed as the next greatest thing.Competition in the volunteer space, you may have owned your event planning firm got burned out ; tr…

Fashionista Con Recap

Last Friday we went to the Fashionista Con, conference held at the Highline Stages in the Meat Packing District in NYC.So another conference when people tell you how great they are right ?Wrong...What was very interesting was the key note speaker Bobbi Brown of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics.She is a very practical business woman, which is why she at the head of a billion dollar company. The most important chord she struck was she tells everyone in her company and sales associates to listen to the customer, let them vent, cry because you never know what people are going through.Flashback December 26, 2014. I walked into a luxury department store wanting to make a purchase for a family member who likes Bobbi Brown Cosmetics
When the total amount of the purchase came up, l couldn't afford it and I had a meltdown.The Bobbi Brown counter person assisting me listened gave me a tissue then gave me a deep discount.He and Bobbi Brown Cosmetics has a customer for life.  The owners message transcend…

Beauty Spot: Mid Fall Review

It's that time of the year when, we need to change our beauty game, Fall weather is setting in our skin needs a little more TLC.We found this great new scrub:
Frank Body:
It 's made from Ground Coffee
Brown Sugar and Sea Salt
Cold Pressed Almond Oil
Orange Essence
It really does slough off any and all dead skin, it is rough but it well worth a try.Leaders Insolution:
This mask the Mediterranean Olive Brightening Mask
Is true their claim it brightens dull and tired skin
It improves uneven skin tone
Minimizes viable dark spots which is excellent!What about a moisturizing lotion?
There's a new cream from Korea called Belif. Belif is very light but has a deep moisture, which is great because if you don't like the heaviness of a nut butter, then this is the product for you, now being sold at Sephora.The Eyes:
It Cosmetics has a wonderful mascara primer. It lifts and seperates all lashes before you put on your mascara, you need this to prevent clumping of mascara.Physicians…

Rethink Relationships

Fall is here and so is cuddling season.But beware who you cuddle up to because it could have some horrible side effects.If you are not in a good place in your life whether it is financially, emotionally or other wise avoid relationships at all costs.True story feeling sorry myself started retail therapy, then people are so nice as I bought a wrinkle cream that is designed for people in their late 50's , but he was so nice, he made the commission not me and I had so much product, I had to give some away.Then the scent guy oh yeah, he 's the one who took your proposal have not heard anything back from the company, but the samples. As a friend pointed out the sample is an eighth your fingernail and it is only one so sample not samples. And what about the server at the restaurant his flair for lighting the Baked Alaska, until another friend reminded me of a famous actress whose first husband was a waiter and then tried to black mail her with a sex tape.So, back to the drawing boar…

Face Trauma

Face Trauma??No, I did not make that up! When you are under extreme stress, job, divorce, bad break up, loss of job, etc.Your body goes through trauma so does your mind.The common form of face trauma is acne or severe acne that looks like boils.Everyone would say Accutane or Retina A but a very good dermatologist would say no. Allow the trauma to come through, ha because if you treat your face prematurely, you can actually damage your face with the medicine and treatments.During break outs there's a couple of things you can do
1. Your hair has to completely away from your face. Updo hair styles are key.2. Wash your face with gentle products even baby products are key.3. Drink 8 glasses of water and hot water with lemon.4.  As for make up only lipstick or gloss.5. Bold statement earrings this detracts from your face trauma.When you come through then you can go and get treatments that will lift the scarring and use a foundation for Acne Prone skin such as Clinique.Cheers to making t…

Natalia: The Lastest Fashion Tech

When you think of Fashion Tech, you think of rings that serve as chargers, Watching Cartoons on your back pack.However, when we were at a Fashion Tech Panel sponsored by Dell/Intel we met a Parsons Design School grad who while working within the industry noticed something alarming. While on a sourcing trip she noticed that girls where going blind while making kit dresses.She still loved fashion and design but could not live with the fact that she was attributing to this plight.This is where fashion technology comes in, she partnered with an mechanical engineering company to create robots that would create her knit dresses.The quality of the NATALIA line is amazing!  So when fashion people think of fashion technology, it can be as easy as creating a robot to make a wonderful garment.NATALIA 's line has been featured in O Magazine and other fashion publications and NATALIA has a New York Show Room on Madison Ave.This is one way fashion technology does not have to be totally obscure …

Book Report: The Obstacle Is The Way

Have you ever come against an obstacle that is so great that you wanted to curl up in a ball and cry till 2029. Or just become paralyzed in self pity.I remember being called into a supervisor's office and being told that I was being written up for not saying hello to the Operations Department, during trading hours.I couldn't believe it, so I started to cry , my boss at the time told me if you are going to cry better have trades processed before after trading hours start.Fast forward to today, I have come against some major obstacles, until a woman told me about a book The Obstacle Is The Way by Ryan Holiday.This book is the most practical self help book there is he promises no quick fixes, or pie in the sky, but practical solutions which is action, iteration, and solutions.The teaches one to think about the problems as lessons and new ways of doing things and not to get stuck.  Again if you have to cry, cry but cry doing something. As we are in motion around and obstacle it bu…

We Heart This...

So we have been out and about looking for new products and experiencesThis is what we heart for this week:People's Ice
This is shaved ice with a choice of syrups.
We had Apple syrup with Burbon, which is absolutely amazing! A night of skiing this would warm you up with out being over bearing.By Kilian
This comes from the grandson of the Cognac Hennessey. The fragrance I heart is intoxicated, so light yet woodsy totally amazing.Wink Bar
So many beauty places to choose from, but this is the first time I had my brows threaded and it didn't feel as though electricrity was  going through my body.John Allan Grooming for Men
This is your one stop source for all things grooming for men from hot towel shaves, manicures, pedicures and a ice cold brew to go along with the services.Monthly Box
This is the girl's girls box, with a pair of comfy socks, chocolate and a choice of a feminine hygiene product. It is a gift box for college coed 's , but it is still worth the 15.00 for any…

Her Campus College Fashion Week

NYFW is officially over, however we attended College Fashion Week sponsored by Her Campus.Her Campus is an organization that promotes healthy college living for female students nationwide, it is not only for Ivy League students, but for every young woman in a college.Over Columbus Day Weekend, I attended a Her Campus College Fashion Show in NYC with over 1500 others. We are habitually early, so we got a chance to meet the proud parents who spoke of how her daughter turned bullying into inspirational videos. We spoke to another parent of a child who was elated to be selected as Fashion Show Participant, having overcome body issues.Then there where the young women who was there as guests who were biotechnology majors at City University and Education majors from a private Catholic University.What I loved about this event was the inclusion of all races and body types and the parental support.Also, the many young women who are in college and are making a difference through their own skills…

Halloween Party

Well it's that time of year where you just invited friends over for an impomtu binge watching of scary movies.So what do you serve?
Easy, Chicken Fingers and Fries, quick easy and easy clean up.To make things adult, a spicy Thai dipping sauce. With edamame along with carrots and celery.So you want to have fun yet feel adult so the pumpkin face plates aren't going to work, go to your favorite neighborhood Chinese Food restaurant and ask if you could get or buy plain take out cartons.We did and they just gave to us because we are loyal customers.So what goes well with chicken fingers and spicy Thai sauce in terms of beverage?Moscato white wine, this is the only alcoholic beverage I have  with spicy food that does not give a burn in the back of your throat.Adult snacks Maple Bacon Pop corn, Pop the popcorn in bacon fat just enough to pop the kernels, when the popcorn
is throughly popped, then drizzle maple syrup reduction with Apple Crown Royal Whiskey until thick. Then bake for…