Beauty Spot: Mid Fall Review

It's that time of the year when, we need to change our beauty game, Fall weather is setting in our skin needs a little more TLC.

We found this great new scrub:
Frank Body:
It 's made from Ground Coffee
Brown Sugar and Sea Salt
Cold Pressed Almond Oil
Orange Essence
It really does slough off any and all dead skin, it is rough but it well worth a try.

Leaders Insolution:
This mask the Mediterranean Olive Brightening Mask
Is true their claim it brightens dull and tired skin
It improves uneven skin tone
Minimizes viable dark spots which is excellent!

What about a moisturizing lotion?
There's a new cream from Korea called Belif. Belif is very light but has a deep moisture, which is great because if you don't like the heaviness of a nut butter, then this is the product for you, now being sold at Sephora.

The Eyes:
It Cosmetics has a wonderful mascara primer. It lifts and seperates all lashes before you put on your mascara, you need this to prevent clumping of mascara.

Physicians Formula Eyeshadow
Physicians Formula is a high end drug store brand. Which is amazing, the holidays or date night is coming up and their new palette really does give your traditional dark Smokey Eye a pop. They are all metallic eye shadows, which is great to give your eyes a natural brightness.

Eyeko London
This company is known for their mascara line also has a great gel eyeliner, which comes in plum wine, this gives your eyes dimension and a lift.

Remember you can't create that summer dewy look, but you can create a healthy glow by using  products that add moisture to the skin including a Vitamin C serum and eye shadows that would give you a pop of brightness.

Cheers to Fall Break Beauty Spot!

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