Book Report: The Obstacle Is The Way

Have you ever come against an obstacle that is so great that you wanted to curl up in a ball and cry till 2029. Or just become paralyzed in self pity.

I remember being called into a supervisor's office and being told that I was being written up for not saying hello to the Operations Department, during trading hours.

I couldn't believe it, so I started to cry , my boss at the time told me if you are going to cry better have trades processed before after trading hours start.

Fast forward to today, I have come against some major obstacles, until a woman told me about a book The Obstacle Is The Way by Ryan Holiday.

This book is the most practical self help book there is he promises no quick fixes, or pie in the sky, but practical solutions which is action, iteration, and solutions.

The teaches one to think about the problems as lessons and new ways of doing things and not to get stuck.  Again if you have to cry, cry but cry doing something.

As we are in motion around and obstacle it builds faith and consistent action. We must learn to keep going even while facing set backs.

Please include this book The Obstacle Is The Way as a must have in your library and reading list.

Cheers to obstacles!!!

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