Colloboration over Competition

Many of us feel threatened when we meet someone who is better credentialed or better looking or even funnier than ourselves.

After going to several conferences and business meetings this year we have all concluded that FEAR is the underlying source of competition.

Some would say competition is great it keeps you on your toes. It is good to know who is the same space, who is doing the most innovative things, but that is research and being aware of your industry.

Competition always comes from a negative place. It comes from a place of insecurity and it is very subtle. Some one may be in the position to recruit you for ideal position, but feels jealous because you went to a better school than did, so they would drag out the hiring process or pick your brain for company or industry solutions. You tell them then you don't get the job and see your ideas on BuzzFeed as the next greatest thing.

Competition in the volunteer space, you may have owned your event planning firm got burned out ; tried something new then came back to event planning as a volunteer. All of a sudden everyone subconsciously hates you because you are showing them up.

Colloboration says there's is some one out there who has what I or my organization needs. Collaborators don't get defensive when a new idea or person comes aboard. Collaborators pay people for their time in terms of compensation and always are appreciative of people who know more than themselves.

Collaborators seek out the best in people and want to work with the best people no matter if they are second generation Harvard Alumni or a local school graduate, intelligence and good ideas are abound.

Collaborators also have better marriages, and never suffer from stress because it is coming from a good place.

Cheers to seeing more Collaborators in the world.

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