Face Trauma

Face Trauma??

No, I did not make that up! When you are under extreme stress, job, divorce, bad break up, loss of job, etc.

Your body goes through trauma so does your mind.

The common form of face trauma is acne or severe acne that looks like boils.

Everyone would say Accutane or Retina A but a very good dermatologist would say no. Allow the trauma to come through, ha because if you treat your face prematurely, you can actually damage your face with the medicine and treatments.

During break outs there's a couple of things you can do
1. Your hair has to completely away from your face. Updo hair styles are key.

2. Wash your face with gentle products even baby products are key.

3. Drink 8 glasses of water and hot water with lemon.

4.  As for make up only lipstick or gloss.

5. Bold statement earrings this detracts from your face trauma.

When you come through then you can go and get treatments that will lift the scarring and use a foundation for Acne Prone skin such as Clinique.

Cheers to making through your face trauma!!

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