Fashionista Con Recap

Last Friday we went to the Fashionista Con, conference held at the Highline Stages in the Meat Packing District in NYC.

So another conference when people tell you how great they are right ?


What was very interesting was the key note speaker Bobbi Brown of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics.

She is a very practical business woman, which is why she at the head of a billion dollar company.

The most important chord she struck was she tells everyone in her company and sales associates to listen to the customer, let them vent, cry because you never know what people are going through.

Flashback December 26, 2014. I walked into a luxury department store wanting to make a purchase for a family member who likes Bobbi Brown Cosmetics
When the total amount of the purchase came up, l couldn't afford it and I had a meltdown.

The Bobbi Brown counter person assisting me listened gave me a tissue then gave me a deep discount.

He and Bobbi Brown Cosmetics has a customer for life.  The owners message transcended to a sales associate that she probably doesn't know but it was key in keeping and retaining clients.

Another excellent founder is the CEO of a mid range spa called HeyDay. This Aussie is disrupting the beauty industry by creating spas Hey Day that are affordable for everyone. However this Wharton MBA gave really interesting business advice, he said "be extremely clear about your mission and key business goals because that will drive your financial output."

This is common sense but it is again so true. I have covered business and technology for so many years and the reason why a lot of companies fail or change hands or the employees are unhappy is because the founder is not grounded in the company's mission and they are not consistent in their execution.

There were other panels that were interesting, and to end beauty month, this was the perfect conference. All people in the beauty and fashion space should have been in attendance because it of it's high caliber of speakers.

Fashionista Con is headed to the West Coast in November. West Coaster, you should attend!!

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