Foodie Friday: Devilish Recipes

Okay, so you are hosting your Halloween Cocktail Party for 15 to 20.

Here's some crowd pleasers:

Hungarian Paprika Chicken Wings
Take 7 pounds of raw chicken wings that are cleaned with vinegar and lemon juice.
Pat Dry
Take Hungarian Paprika both the Spicy and Sweet kind and throughly rub the chicken wings with the mixture cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight.

Next morning defrost chicken wings bring it up to room temperature, then toss again with olive oil.
Bake at 350 degrees til chicken is done.
Take out and cool.

Devil Eggs
Boil 4 dozen eggs in a stock pot all at once to ensure eggs are cooked evenly at the same time.

When eggs are cooking make the dressing for the egg yolks that you will pipe in later.

1 cup mayonnaise
1 bottle of capers
2 Tablespoons of curry
1/4 cup of Worcestershire Sauce
Blend well

After eggs have cooled and you have the egg yolks in a bowl blend with the dressing, so that every thing is an even consistentcy. Pipe into egg whites.

Focccia Bread
You can use a foccia bread mix and blend in pickled red peppers into the mix and bake according to directions.

Devil Ham
Take thick cuts of deli ham
Sour Cream
1/2 of Scotch Bonnet peppers
Blend til smooth

Serve with the warm foccia.

Hibiscus Ice Tea
Take Hibiscus Flowers boil them for 30 minutes, while the tea is still hot then add sweetner.
Serve Ice Cold in a Pitcher

Dress your table with black garbage bags
Serve the wings on a platter with the eggs in between.

Also, serve the foccia and ham spread on a wooden board.

With cut veggies that you can buy from the store.

Serve the Ice Tea with lime and you have a devilsh Halloween Party!


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