Halloween Party

Well it's that time of year where you just invited friends over for an impomtu binge watching of scary movies.

So what do you serve?
Easy, Chicken Fingers and Fries, quick easy and easy clean up.

To make things adult, a spicy Thai dipping sauce. With edamame along with carrots and celery.

So you want to have fun yet feel adult so the pumpkin face plates aren't going to work, go to your favorite neighborhood Chinese Food restaurant and ask if you could get or buy plain take out cartons.

We did and they just gave to us because we are loyal customers.

So what goes well with chicken fingers and spicy Thai sauce in terms of beverage?

Moscato white wine, this is the only alcoholic beverage I have  with spicy food that does not give a burn in the back of your throat.

Adult snacks Maple Bacon Pop corn, Pop the popcorn in bacon fat just enough to pop the kernels, when the popcorn
is throughly popped, then drizzle maple syrup reduction with Apple Crown Royal Whiskey until thick. Then bake for 350 degrees in an oven, until crispy.

Serve in a bowl, while you are watching a scary movie.

Cheese straws are another favorite grated parmesan and cheddar with olive oil and chives over puff pastry bake till done.

Another great treat.

Have everyone bring over their childhood favorite candy and just have fun!

Cheers to a great Halloween Party!!

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