Natalia: The Lastest Fashion Tech

When you think of Fashion Tech, you think of rings that serve as chargers, Watching Cartoons on your back pack.

However, when we were at a Fashion Tech Panel sponsored by Dell/Intel we met a Parsons Design School grad who while working within the industry noticed something alarming. While on a sourcing trip she noticed that girls where going blind while making kit dresses.

She still loved fashion and design but could not live with the fact that she was attributing to this plight.

This is where fashion technology comes in, she partnered with an mechanical engineering company to create robots that would create her knit dresses.

The quality of the NATALIA line is amazing! 

So when fashion people think of fashion technology, it can be as easy as creating a robot to make a wonderful garment.

NATALIA 's line has been featured in O Magazine and other fashion publications and NATALIA has a New York Show Room on Madison Ave.

This is one way fashion technology does not have to be totally obscure or impractical.

Cheers to Fashion Technology!

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