Parental Resources

Many parents ask "I didn't know that!"

Our thought is well there is Google for the past month we volunteered with a major mentoring organization that does exactly what they say.

Although we are on the fundraising team, every time we go to the headquarters there are adults, who are making a difference in a child's life through home work help and tons of extra cultural activities.

But, here's our list of other organizations that will assist children:
ABC - A Better Chance places students on a need base program to competitive high school boarding schools.

How do they get prepared academically for those exams?
SEO Sponsorship for Educational Opportunity, which provides academic tutoring from elementary schools straight to college internships.

Oliver's Scholars:
This is another program that rigoursly prepares students for academic competitive fields and schools.

Posse Foundation
This foundation prepares students for free academic scholarships to competitive schools.

All Star Code
This is a great start for young boys interested in technology. The rigours of a summer technology education program along with great mentors boasts of a college acceptance rate to colleges with full tution scholarships.

Many of you feel that these programs are only for high income, high functioning students, which is false.

High income only means you have financial resources to private tutors. However, many of these programs are for middle and low income students.

So the anger of parents in mid to low income brackets are internal, my child can't go to Dalton or Marymount because we live in this zip code, which is false.

Many immigrants from Asian countries excel in the United States because of high standards of education in their native countries, but come to the U.S. because of employment opportunities.

The programs mentioned here are for all students and parents who want a better life for their offspring by committing them selves to their children's futures.

Also other programs that are wonderful are:
Baby Buggy providing clothing and baby supplies to new mothers.
The Fatherhood Project, which also supplies workshops and resources for father's of all ages.

Lastly, if your child is on the Autism spectrum then you should consider This is an excellent organization that is based in NYU Poly and takes children on the autism spectrum and introduces them to technology, the director is a trained educator in Austism.
TKU students have been known to maintain employment after age 18 in the technology field and serve as mentors to students in the program.

The key to preparing children for high paying jobs in the future is having them with a solid academic foundation, so transfer skills as they move through careers and life.

Happy Parents Day!!!

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