Rethink Relationships

Fall is here and so is cuddling season.

But beware who you cuddle up to because it could have some horrible side effects.

If you are not in a good place in your life whether it is financially, emotionally or other wise avoid relationships at all costs.

True story feeling sorry myself started retail therapy, then people are so nice as I bought a wrinkle cream that is designed for people in their late 50's , but he was so nice, he made the commission not me and I had so much product, I had to give some away.

Then the scent guy oh yeah, he 's the one who took your proposal have not heard anything back from the company, but the samples. As a friend pointed out the sample is an eighth your fingernail and it is only one so sample not samples.

And what about the server at the restaurant his flair for lighting the Baked Alaska, until another friend reminded me of a famous actress whose first husband was a waiter and then tried to black mail her with a sex tape.

So, back to the drawing board, but in the meantime, I will continue to work, hang out with friends and when the fall leaves or winter snow, or spring rain or summer heat brings, I will be ready!

Cheers to minding your own business and let the universe bring your soul mate!

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