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Fireplace Cookie :Dark and Stormy

We were playing around with cookie dough and this is what we came up withTake a basic sugar cookie dough recipe to make:Dark n Stormy
1. Use 2 lbs. of sugar cookie dough
2. 1 bottle of Jamaican Ginger Beer
3. 5 Tablespoons of Captain Morgan's rum
4. Fresh nutmeg, grated 1 teaspoon
5. 1 teaspoon of CinnamonMix all ingredients together cut into shapes and bake in an 350 degree oven till well done.

Things We Heart for the Holidays

So it's that time of year when we make our own suggestions for the holidays BloomThat
This is a florist on demand, you forgot your spouse's anniversary, birthday, or you are going out on a date and forgot to be gentleman and pick up some flowers.Well Bloom That has you covered all you have to do is select a bouquet and within 90 min. It is delivered to you or that person.It is currently in Manhattan and Brooklyn and San Francisco, but this company is something that we heart because it takes out the 2 day wait through traditional florist and let's face it flowers at the grocery store don't have that elegant feel.One
We met the co founder back in July, who said he was going to replace traditional passports. He was going to do it through his technology of One, which is a smart card for all your travel needs. I didn't fully appreciate his pitch until planning a vacation and realized my passport expired and had to wait over 8 weeks for a new one. With his technology, I …

Women Entrepreneurship Programs

2016 is less than five weeks away, what have you done?Well go 2015 in a celebration! I was at a career conference this fall and someone was so frustrated that Women over 40 businesses were not being funded.So here is a list of incubator programs and want well thought out business plans regardless of age.1. UBS and Rent the Runway Fashion Tech Incubator.
Applications for next year are due soon, but your application has to include technology in your business plan.
Remember technology need not be fancy, but practical Rent the Runway prides itself in including technology in their dry cleaning.
Natalia knit dresses prides their line in using robots to knit there dresses.
Like anything know who your  market know your investors.WE Entrepreneurs Festival
This was founded 5 years ago by Joanne Wilson, an investor, but also a big foodie. Her past investments have included The Brooklyn Smasgasborg, Hot Bread Kitchen, and if you follow her blog Gotham Gal, she is always taking pictures of her del…

Holiday Stress Really??

We know we wrote an article about holiday stress, but that actually is to protect yourself from Holiday leeches.But, as Bing Crosby Sang It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!So how in preparation for the holidays, we should take better care of our selves in advance.1. Load Up on Sleep 8 hours for real.
2. Schedule your holiday calendar in order of importance.
3. Don't go to a late night party, then host a brunch the next day.
4. Go two days make up free. This will give your skin a chance to breathe and your nerves a chance to settle. Too much stimulus is no good either.
5. Eat properly fiber, fiber, that you won't be bloated or constipated.
6. Vitamins- My vitamin regiment consists of B 12 injections, Vitamin D, CoQ10 and Vitamin C. They are excellent and I purchase them from high quality store such as inVite which will be more expensive but they are worth it in so many ways.
7. Consider doing one charitable thing for the holiday season. You don't have …

Drugstore Beauty Haul

We read the @allure beauty list of all the top drug store cosmetics and figured why not give it a try.Besides we do a lot of blending of colors with lips and eye shadow so here's what we got:Rimmel London- Extra Thick Eyeliner
If you want super thick cat eyes this is the color.Shea Moisturizer Lip Gloss
We have it in Orange with our blending of a little pigment looks great with a bronzer.Cover Girl
Queen in a deep berry is the same as Trish McCovy matte berry stain.Our trusted Lava Lip in rich red almost with Maybelline true Red Matte is amazing.Nails
Very important, the guy at Target said his mother told him to always check out a young women's nails, if they are chipped or not polished don't mess with her.We got :
Rapshody Red from Sally Hensen's gel line.
Terra Cotta also from their gel line.
Pink Sliver nail polish from a unknown brand.
Christmas Green and Sliver Sparkles for your friends annual Ugly Sweater Party.General rules of safety for buying at drug stores:

Check List for Your Soul Mate

Cleaning up before our date arrivesSo how can we learn to prepare ourselves for our true soul mate.1. Take inventory of your life if you had any type of abuse, whether it was sexual, emotional, psychological manipulation, etc. Deal with it! Even if you need to book time with a therapist.2. Forgive the offenders and don't say to them I forgive you, because some people are so sick, they will turn the tables and deny everything.3. Practice self love by being more aware of people, be present and be aware. Take care of your health, get check ups, neccessary screenings. Mediate!4. Notice the red flags in people
Any form of anger is No, No, (I don't care of their position.)
Jealousy certain people in a relationship men and women can't stand when another partner is more successful.
Suspicious, is a major RED FLAG!5. Allow good people to come into your life. If a person wants to listen to you for hours on the phone, without phone sex, you have a winner.6. Write down what you refuse…

Holiday Season: Givers Beware

Why should you put a warning sign for the Holiday Season?A lot of Holiday stress can be avoided by people who are naturally inclined to give to STOP!The world is not going to come to an end because you didn't go into debt or you didn't feel false guilt to give undeserving people your treasures.Instead there are people who would love to lavish you with gifts and praises. You don't need to find them they will come to you when you get rid of the leeches.Certain people have used you as the host, you know bacteria but, your antiseptic to them is NO!Don't be mean about things, just decline the invites of people who you know are out for your goodness.No it's not ungodly, as a member of a religious community to say NO. In fact in Christianity Jesus, never chased people to be blessed, he also said NO by retreating for rest, relaxation and mediation.Remember you can't give from an empty cup. So this holiday season make it your point to say NO to the leeches, book yoursel…

Vitamins and Why the Are Essential

We hear a lot about detoxs, juicing, fasting, but we don't hear a lot is about vitamins.Okay drink your OJ because it is good for you. But, why?? Because it has Vitamin C which is essential for the immune system but it is powerful against aging. Many beauty serums today are made with some potent form of Vitamin C to prevent or reverse aging.But why not just eat the fruit or take a doctor's order supplement.Another powerful vitamin is B 12, which the body naturally produces, unfortunately some people like myself produce so little of the vitamin a doctor's shot is needed. Doctor will only order it if your base line is low and they did a complete blood panel. B 12 is so important because it protects your body's nervous system. Anyone who suffers from anxiety is probably taking B12 along with a prescription anti aniexty medication.Ever get a major migraine, and didn't know why? Check your liver panel with your doctor a diet that is rich in proccessed foods would give y…

Why Department Stores Still Matter

You may think that department stores are going out of business and are obsolete.Not true and here's the reason why:1. Many specialty stores such as Sephora only sell the best selling brands of make up and body products. So if you want a specific item from a YSL collection or Bobbi Brown collection, department stores carry the full collection because they can afford the licensing fees associated with those brands.2. Fashion
Well I just go to Beacons Closet or Goodwill stores, it is cheaper, not necessarily true, we did a price comparison and for two dresses and a pair of pants, would have cost the same, had you bought it at Saks.Also, many Fashion Directors for such stores the brilliant Ken Downing for Nieman Marcus comes to mind has an excellent trained eye for detail, what pieces can legally hold up under store lights and the ease of transport to and from manufacturer.They buffer counterfeit goods:
Many goods you get unless it is at the designers own store, and you get them onlin…

Foodie Friday:Apple Galette

Fall is here and already the holiday season is among us, here's a dessert you can make for brunch or Thanksgiving dinner.Apple Galette:
Take one pound of MacIntosh Apples and peel and core them. Cut to slices and pour lemon juice on them.Dough
Take pizza dough and on a flour cutting board roll out the dough. Take melted butter and put in the bottom of a baking sheet.Put the dough on the baking sheet and cover until ready to bake.Apples:
1. Take one tablespoon of
All SpiceToss and coat the apples accordingly.
Take a large skillet and use organic butter and place the apples in the skillet with 1/4 cup of rasins and 1/4 cup of Whisky or Bourbon, until Apples are soft and the alcohol is for flavor.Allow to cool off the stove.Set your oven at 350 degrees Uncover the dough spread the Apple
mixture on to the dough and bake for 45 minutes until the dough is throughly cooked.You can serve for your Thanksgiving Meal or for Tea Time.Cheers to Apple Galette for Fall!