Check List for Your Soul Mate

Cleaning up before our date arrives

So how can we learn to prepare ourselves for our true soul mate.

1. Take inventory of your life if you had any type of abuse, whether it was sexual, emotional, psychological manipulation, etc. Deal with it! Even if you need to book time with a therapist.

2. Forgive the offenders and don't say to them I forgive you, because some people are so sick, they will turn the tables and deny everything.

3. Practice self love by being more aware of people, be present and be aware. Take care of your health, get check ups, neccessary screenings. Mediate!

4. Notice the red flags in people
Any form of anger is No, No, (I don't care of their position.)
Jealousy certain people in a relationship men and women can't stand when another partner is more successful.
Suspicious, is a major RED FLAG!

5. Allow good people to come into your life. If a person wants to listen to you for hours on the phone, without phone sex, you have a winner.

6. Write down what you refuse to deal with and be upfront at the appropriate time.

7.Cut all ties with your exes, the only purpose they served was to teach you a lesson.

8. Figure out what you want in life if you are happy in all areas of your life, people are  naturally drawn to that energy.

9. Date your self go to dinner, plays,whatever you are naturally drawn to do it alone.

10. When you soul mate appears, don't rush things. You know when they will make a commitment and legal one at that.

Cheers to healing and receiving!

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