Foodie Friday:Apple Galette

Fall is here and already the holiday season is among us, here's a dessert you can make for brunch or Thanksgiving dinner.

Apple Galette:
Take one pound of MacIntosh Apples and peel and core them. Cut to slices and pour lemon juice on them.

Take pizza dough and on a flour cutting board roll out the dough.

Take melted butter and put in the bottom of a baking sheet.

Put the dough on the baking sheet and cover until ready to bake.

1. Take one tablespoon of
All Spice

Toss and coat the apples accordingly.
Take a large skillet and use organic butter and place the apples in the skillet with 1/4 cup of rasins and 1/4 cup of Whisky or Bourbon, until Apples are soft and the alcohol is for flavor.

Allow to cool off the stove.

Set your oven at 350 degrees

Uncover the dough spread the Apple
mixture on to the dough and bake for 45 minutes until the dough is throughly cooked.

You can serve for your Thanksgiving Meal or for Tea Time.

Cheers to Apple Galette for Fall!

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