Holiday Season: Givers Beware

Why should you put a warning sign for the Holiday Season?

A lot of Holiday stress can be avoided by people who are naturally inclined to give to STOP!

The world is not going to come to an end because you didn't go into debt or you didn't feel false guilt to give undeserving people your treasures.

Instead there are people who would love to lavish you with gifts and praises. You don't need to find them they will come to you when you get rid of the leeches.

Certain people have used you as the host, you know bacteria but, your antiseptic to them is NO!

Don't be mean about things, just decline the invites of people who you know are out for your goodness.

No it's not ungodly, as a member of a religious community to say NO. In fact in Christianity Jesus, never chased people to be blessed, he also said NO by retreating for rest, relaxation and mediation.

Remember you can't give from an empty cup.

So this holiday season make it your point to say NO to the leeches, book yourself into a spa and curl up with a good book on the holidays.

Cheers to saying NO!!

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