Things We Heart for the Holidays

So it's that time of year when we make our own suggestions for the holidays

This is a florist on demand, you forgot your spouse's anniversary, birthday, or you are going out on a date and forgot to be gentleman and pick up some flowers.

Well Bloom That has you covered all you have to do is select a bouquet and within 90 min. It is delivered to you or that person.

It is currently in Manhattan and Brooklyn and San Francisco, but this company is something that we heart because it takes out the 2 day wait through traditional florist and let's face it flowers at the grocery store don't have that elegant feel.

We met the co founder back in July, who said he was going to replace traditional passports. He was going to do it through his technology of One, which is a smart card for all your travel needs. I didn't fully appreciate his pitch until planning a vacation and realized my passport expired and had to wait over 8 weeks for a new one. With his technology, I would never had such a wait and never had to postpone my vacation.

Iconery is that fine jewelry line 14k, Sterling Silver, Rose Gold, and precious and semi precious stones sold directly from the designer to the consumer. So Millienials who want to start their own fine jewelry collection can with out it costing a fortune.

Lurk Beauty
Many people have heard of natural perfumes and oils, but Lurk takes scents to a whole new level, they are oils with no water and alcohol content, so it works with your body chemistry. It's pure extracts of botanicals to give you that concentrated scent. Only use it on that special date.

This is a tapas bar in SoHo, with the most amazing grilled octopus and fennel salad, I have ever eaten. Of course what tapas restaurant wouldn't be complete without croquettas and grilled mushrooms with an amazing wine list. Yum...

Lov Organic Teas
Yes, I pay over 25 dollars for teas, but these are the best. It's wrapped in silk and pure dried fruit or herbs it is so worth it. Right after dinner have the Fennel tea calming effect on the stomach.

As for make up ya have to wait for the beauty as spot, where we are still sampling....

Cheers to what we heart for the Holidays!

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