Vitamins and Why the Are Essential

We hear a lot about detoxs, juicing, fasting, but we don't hear a lot is about vitamins.

Okay drink your OJ because it is good for you. But, why?? Because it has Vitamin C which is essential for the immune system but it is powerful against aging. Many beauty serums today are made with some potent form of Vitamin C to prevent or reverse aging.

But why not just eat the fruit or take a doctor's order supplement.

Another powerful vitamin is B 12, which the body naturally produces, unfortunately some people like myself produce so little of the vitamin a doctor's shot is needed. Doctor will only order it if your base line is low and they did a complete blood panel. B 12 is so important because it protects your body's nervous system. Anyone who suffers from anxiety is probably taking B12 along with a prescription anti aniexty medication.

Ever get a major migraine, and didn't know why? Check your liver panel with your doctor a diet that is rich in proccessed foods would give you migraines. You should eliminate the processed foods and drink water and hot water with lemon after every meal and in the morning it neutralizes the body's ph and it naturally detoxes the body.

Want to know why an Apple a Day will keep the doctor's away ? First it is roughage which helps keeps our colon healthy. Secondly, it has an enzyme in it that neutralizes stomach acid that does cause acid reflux or heartburn.

Raw apples are more readily found in the US, tropical countries use  Pineapple and Papaya.

So thanks to iHeart Radio, 1iota and everyone' favorite Dr., Dr. Oz for these tips at the Healthy Lifestyle Expo!

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