Why Department Stores Still Matter

You may think that department stores are going out of business and are obsolete.

Not true and here's the reason why:

1. Many specialty stores such as Sephora only sell the best selling brands of make up and body products. So if you want a specific item from a YSL collection or Bobbi Brown collection, department stores carry the full collection because they can afford the licensing fees associated with those brands.

2. Fashion
Well I just go to Beacons Closet or Goodwill stores, it is cheaper, not necessarily true, we did a price comparison and for two dresses and a pair of pants, would have cost the same, had you bought it at Saks.

Also, many Fashion Directors for such stores the brilliant Ken Downing for Nieman Marcus comes to mind has an excellent trained eye for detail, what pieces can legally hold up under store lights and the ease of transport to and from manufacturer.

They buffer counterfeit goods:
Many goods you get unless it is at the designers own store, and you get them online there's a good chance it is counterfeit. Why? Counterfeit goods besides being illegal are no good because the designer has unique specifications for an item that meets with certain criteria for safety within the industry. So buying a knock off can put your life at risk certain materials are flammable, etc.

Customer Service
I am a loyal patron of certain department stores because of the training they give their associates, which translates into sales either from me or my circle of friends.

Other little luxuries
1. If you get tired shopping department stores always have a restaurant.
2. Clean bathrooms.
3. All have pick up service so you don't have to wait on line.
4. Surprisingly if you need a cab they will get you one.
5. They have big budgets to hire the best in special events, and window design.

We know in the past we have been harsh on department stores, but practicing positivity we learned to value them . Besides every one got their first shopping experience at one!


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