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Half of Summer Recap: NYFW Men

We have not been on the beach in St. Tropez or Antigua. But we have been extremely busy covering numerous events while our founder mourns the death of her beloved father.


This season was better than last in terms of the ease of check in, and  the quality of  fashion presentations.

Our standouts were:
This designer makes clothes that are unisex. The ultimate piece that I fell in love with was the Navy Blue Men's constructed lace shirt, which is stunning. Also this designer had a floral two piece, a classic baby blue two piece, which was a throw back to the 90's. Another stunner was the white two piece with the lace inset for men.
MarniRo in terms of creating quality unique pieces for men that is well constructed and took the cake is amazing.

OAK is another designer that gave you a deconstructed feel. The stand out piece for me was the male duster, which was awesome. As well as the splatter sneakers in white with black splatter or black with white splatte…

Tips for NYFW Men

Congrats you got your press credentials and NYFW Men is about to begin.1. Make certain you RSVPed YES to all the shows you were INVITED.2. Don't show up anywhere, where you are not invited. Due to space and security reasons shows will not allow anyone not on their list in.3. Make certain you have Googled wear your shows are and you know where you are going. Cross reference this with Fashion GPS.4. Many people in the public eye or celebrities will be there, if you have a scheduled interview, then speak to them.
Most celebrities are on tight schedules and again for security reasons don't approach them or take pictures.5. Be respectful of the brands time, if you are scheduled to take photographs during a certain time before the collection, then show up at that time.6. Keep hydrated, wear comfortable shoes and have your party shoes in your bag along with a change of tops. 7. Be prepared shows may not start on time due to a variety of things, keep patient and keep it light.Enjoy th…

Foodie Friday: Blueberry Muffin Cobbler

You hosted a brunch and your not so csrb loving friends didn't touch the muffin tray.But you have so many blueberry muffins.What do you do?Create Blueberry Muffin Cobbler.This is want you will need:1. Have a dozen blueberry muffins sliced into discs drizzled in @WolfferEstate hard cider.
2. 6 pints of fresh blueberries rinsed and drained.
3. Organic unsalted butter
4. Lemon Juice fresh 1/2 lemon
5. 3 jars of @StonewallKitchen Wild Maine Blueberry Jam.In a casserole dish butter the dish, place blueberry muffins discs on one layer.
Mix blueberries lemon juice and jam.
Place on the second layer the blueberry mixture.
Layer until all the mixture and muffins are done.
Place in the fridge for 5 hours to have it set.
After 5 hours take out the casserole serve as a dessert to a wonderful dinner.Vanilla Ice Cream is optional!Cheers to a wonderful dessert!

Beauty Spot: Trendy Make Up

So, we did it and broke tradition and bought trendy make up, here's our results:1. SinfulColors Kylie Jenner line:
There's this one color of metallic green and blue and if we can wear it all week, we would. Lasting time if you don't do any house work it is one week.
She also has a suede nail polish that is matte in blue and maroon, which is amazing. Again last time a couple of days apply any gel top coat to get that lasting effect.2. NYX
This LA line has been launching stores all over NYC even one next to a MAC store!
We bought for 28.00
1. The Vinyl Eyeliner which is a  high gloss  eye liner that is cheaper than Loreal Butterfly brand and it does last !
2. Next thing we heard about their Lingerie Lipstick which rivals AHBV which is a matte lipstick and it goes on creamy and dries matte, we choose a light mauve that would go well from day to night.
3. Gold creamy texture eye shadow and we used of course a primer with the Vinyl Eyeliner looks amazing! Especially for an All …

Healthy Summer Eating

It's summer and the BBQ's are glaring with creamy potato salad or mayo based lobster rolls.Here's our alternative that is sure to keep your waist line trim and have you eating delicious all summer.1. Eat tons of fresh water based fruits, melons, pears, peaches, plums,etc.2. Eat small amounts of protein on big portions of salad greens.3. Drink plenty of cold water and infuse it with mint, basil or fresh citrus.4. If you are out and about in the city make certain you carry cold mini bottles of water and raw nuts so you can avoid dehydration and your blood sugar doesn't drastically dip.5. If you are going to drink, choose white or rose and champagne. Excessive alcohol tends to dehydrate.6. Instead of simple carbs in the morning choose fresh fruit, organic yogurt and raw nuts.Cheers to enjoying the summer the Healthy way!

Beauty Spot: Battle of the Nudes

You have this wonderful tan maybe you have been to San Tropez, Ibiza or St. Barts, or the Hamptons.But you want to show off this gorgeous tan how do you do that??We found out the only real way to this is through nude lipstick because it contrasts and high lights your tan.So here's our battle...Sephora brand It's So Peachy
NYX                    Gold Glimmering lip gloss
Neutrogena       Ultimate NudeWe tried all three brands and this what we found:
Sephora brand lasted through out the day with a couple of touch ups but it didn't get cakey at the end of the corner of a person's lips The NYX brand immediately turned cakey at the corner of the lips and with this brand you have to use lip primer in order for it to really stay.Neutrogena we liked because you can go in the sun with this on because it has SPF built in, but for after the sun we had to switch to our Sephora It's Peachy brand.So next time you want to go NUDE just remember our guide for the perfect lips.Cheer…

What to Wear to an All White Party

So you snagged an invite to an All White Party or Soiree, you look in your closet and you have nothing.Here's our pick for the High and Low outfits:High End:
Milly they have a great all white off the shoulder jumpsuit with spaghetti straps.
Excellent quality and a classic investment piece.Calpyso
White Eyelet jumpsuit it is perfect for a beach party or even a fancy soiree.Suppose you want to go BoHo ChicHigh End
Free People has a wonderful lace dress that is sure to please.
Also they have white off the shoulder tops.Lower Range:
H&M has a lovely lace dress that is great for these events.
H&M Concious Collection also has silky white tunics and off the shoulder tops.Accessories:
My suggestion is to wear gold hoops with the jumpsuits, and if you are going BoHo Chic and for the lace dresses, pearls or diamonds.Cheers to enjoying your all white soiree!

Men Saving Luxury Fashion

Many key fashion decision makers want to know how to save luxury fashion.With the rise of fast fashion Zara, H&M, capsule collections for affordable chain stores, most women especially of means have embraced this type of life style.However, with NYFW Men just one week away. It is men who hold the key to keeping traditional luxury fashion alive.Men will spend on great fitting suits, silk ties, because of the quality. In fact in certain professions the type of suit you wear determines whether you receive a promotion.Also, unlike women luxury fashion, menswear is extremely hard to duplicate because to obtain a great fit everything must be customized, which fast fashion can't replicate.Additionally, many men have higher monetary disposable income therefore they can afford to pay the price for several suits and other luxury clothing items. So, there purchasing cycle is a lot greater than women.Women also tend to be impulse shoppers so an item from a fast fashion store is comforting…