Beauty Spot: Battle of the Nudes

You have this wonderful tan maybe you have been to San Tropez, Ibiza or St. Barts, or the Hamptons.

But you want to show off this gorgeous tan how do you do that??

We found out the only real way to this is through nude lipstick because it contrasts and high lights your tan.

So here's our battle...

Sephora brand It's So Peachy
NYX                    Gold Glimmering lip gloss
Neutrogena       Ultimate Nude

We tried all three brands and this what we found:
Sephora brand lasted through out the day with a couple of touch ups but it didn't get cakey at the end of the corner of a person's lips

The NYX brand immediately turned cakey at the corner of the lips and with this brand you have to use lip primer in order for it to really stay.

Neutrogena we liked because you can go in the sun with this on because it has SPF built in, but for after the sun we had to switch to our Sephora It's Peachy brand.

So next time you want to go NUDE just remember our guide for the perfect lips.


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