Beauty Spot: Trendy Make Up

So, we did it and broke tradition and bought trendy make up, here's our results:

1. SinfulColors Kylie Jenner line:
There's this one color of metallic green and blue and if we can wear it all week, we would. Lasting time if you don't do any house work it is one week.
She also has a suede nail polish that is matte in blue and maroon, which is amazing. Again last time a couple of days apply any gel top coat to get that lasting effect.

2. NYX
This LA line has been launching stores all over NYC even one next to a MAC store!
We bought for 28.00
1. The Vinyl Eyeliner which is a  high gloss  eye liner that is cheaper than Loreal Butterfly brand and it does last !
2. Next thing we heard about their Lingerie Lipstick which rivals AHBV which is a matte lipstick and it goes on creamy and dries matte, we choose a light mauve that would go well from day to night.
3. Gold creamy texture eye shadow and we used of course a primer with the Vinyl Eyeliner looks amazing! Especially for an All White Party.
4. Gold lip gloss which should be used as an overlay to a matte lipstick this would give you more bang for the money.
5. Sky blue eye liquid eye shadow again you have to use a primer with this to last and it does wonders.

Cheers to NYX and Sinful Colors, for the subtle use of color without it looking clownish!

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