Half of Summer Recap: NYFW Men

We have not been on the beach in St. Tropez or Antigua. But we have been extremely busy covering numerous events while our founder mourns the death of her beloved father.


This season was better than last in terms of the ease of check in, and  the quality of  fashion presentations.

Our standouts were:
This designer makes clothes that are unisex. The ultimate piece that I fell in love with was the Navy Blue Men's constructed lace shirt, which is stunning. Also this designer had a floral two piece, a classic baby blue two piece, which was a throw back to the 90's. Another stunner was the white two piece with the lace inset for men.
MarniRo in terms of creating quality unique pieces for men that is well constructed and took the cake is amazing.

OAK is another designer that gave you a deconstructed feel. The stand out piece for me was the male duster, which was awesome. As well as the splatter sneakers in white with black splatter or black with white splatter. Absolutely amazing in terms of capturing the 90's feel.

Nick Graham
What can we say about this show, from the guy who created Joe Boxer. He out did himself in this collection that was inspired by 1958 Havana. However, there was not a Guyabana or straw hats. This collection was a mix of  quality tailored suits in midnight blue, white with a black and white shirt with a white suit. Then the designer made sure that he included a two piece short suit in floral or solids, or in solid colors with a preppy meets Havana feel.
For the balmy Havana nights the Black and Silver Tuxedo jacket with the satin lapels are completely spot for any formal event.

The presentation was very Apres in white and reds with white pants that looked like sweat pants, done in an elegant athleisure way.

The star of the show was Timo Weiland with his unique collection that he was the featured designer in the CFDA Retail Shop  product launch and the designer was completely approachable at his after party where he explained the process of  launching a show.

Cheers to all the shows that we were invited to the CFDA Designers did a wonderful job in making all their clothing relevant and tasteful to all!

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