Healthy Summer Eating

It's summer and the BBQ's are glaring with creamy potato salad or mayo based lobster rolls.

Here's our alternative that is sure to keep your waist line trim and have you eating delicious all summer.

1. Eat tons of fresh water based fruits, melons, pears, peaches, plums,etc.

2. Eat small amounts of protein on big portions of salad greens.

3. Drink plenty of cold water and infuse it with mint, basil or fresh citrus.

4. If you are out and about in the city make certain you carry cold mini bottles of water and raw nuts so you can avoid dehydration and your blood sugar doesn't drastically dip.

5. If you are going to drink, choose white or rose and champagne. Excessive alcohol tends to dehydrate.

6. Instead of simple carbs in the morning choose fresh fruit, organic yogurt and raw nuts.

Cheers to enjoying the summer the Healthy way!

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