Men Saving Luxury Fashion

Many key fashion decision makers want to know how to save luxury fashion.

With the rise of fast fashion Zara, H&M, capsule collections for affordable chain stores, most women especially of means have embraced this type of life style.

However, with NYFW Men just one week away. It is men who hold the key to keeping traditional luxury fashion alive.

Men will spend on great fitting suits, silk ties, because of the quality. In fact in certain professions the type of suit you wear determines whether you receive a promotion.

Also, unlike women luxury fashion, menswear is extremely hard to duplicate because to obtain a great fit everything must be customized, which fast fashion can't replicate.

Additionally, many men have higher monetary disposable income therefore they can afford to pay the price for several suits and other luxury clothing items. So, there purchasing cycle is a lot greater than women.

Women also tend to be impulse shoppers so an item from a fast fashion store is comforting, however men like quality and they make fashion purchases for investment purposes.

So that is how men will save luxury fashion! See you at NYFWM!

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