Tips for NYFW Men

Congrats you got your press credentials and NYFW Men is about to begin.

1. Make certain you RSVPed YES to all the shows you were INVITED.

2. Don't show up anywhere, where you are not invited. Due to space and security reasons shows will not allow anyone not on their list in.

3. Make certain you have Googled wear your shows are and you know where you are going. Cross reference this with Fashion GPS.

4. Many people in the public eye or celebrities will be there, if you have a scheduled interview, then speak to them.
Most celebrities are on tight schedules and again for security reasons don't approach them or take pictures.

5. Be respectful of the brands time, if you are scheduled to take photographs during a certain time before the collection, then show up at that time.

6. Keep hydrated, wear comfortable shoes and have your party shoes in your bag along with a change of tops.

7. Be prepared shows may not start on time due to a variety of things, keep patient and keep it light.

Enjoy the third season of an amazing NYFW Men and we will see you there!

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