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Subscription Boxes Review

So  we said in the name of  frugality we would turn to subscription boxes for our beauty needs.We chose Allure and Essence because they were associated with major media publications.We'll while Essence Beauty Box was heavy on the hair care products,  we didn't mind so much, they had this amazing Keratin Treatment Conditioner that left our hair so silky. They just stopped the beauty boxes,  no explanation September was the last one, it was nice.Allure who doesn't love the beauty boxes from them, until we started to see the same company with different products, most customers want beauty samples like their beauty editors. So, after spending 60.00 on drugstore brands we looked at the beauty box list,  our fingers are crossed we chose an old player in the field and we chose America's favorite beauty store that is rolling out their subscription boxes as well.We decided not to mess around with skin care too much but, if we wanted to be on trend with latest make up, then 24.0…

The Beauty Spot: Fall Review

Beginning of September equals the start of new products.This is what we are in love with:Maybelline Falsie Mascara: The name says it all, it gives anyone that amazing false eyelash look with two coats.Smash Box Facial Primer it goes on so smooth and you make  up will stay on for the rest of the day with this product amazing.Hair Care:
So what it is beginning to cool down in terms of weather, but some places will give you the frizzy look, especially if you are trying to do the latest up do.
Garnier Products are amazing!
From the Anti Frizz Milk that you use with your blow outs to the oil for that added shine. All products are worth the money.Nails
We had a field day buying all the different reds in Sally Hansen Collection. Also  they have a great brown color which is a  sparkling rasin. Again worth  the money.H&M and there beauty line well we tried the nail polish and with four coats they look great. Skin Care
The new product that is amazing is Garnier Mud Facial Mask use it  twi…

The Next Fashion Billionaire

Every generation as that one break out designer who choose to be different and embrace societal change,  which  catapults them to the  stratosphere.It was on Project Runway when we first heard of  Christian Sirrano, his designs where  amazing and he shared his pain of being bullied to million of viewers.So, when the light of the 15 minutes of fame go out, he kept going. By first  designing for Christina Hendricks of then Mad Man fame. As Hollywood began to cast more women who are larger than a size 4 , other designers wouldn't have anything to do with them, but he embraces being a designer for all types. When this NYFW  there was buzz about his show, but his show was the most positive out of them all because not only  did it show a range of sizes from the models. The garments were well crafted, elegant and classy.If I am a  buyer for any major retailer, part of my job is to now is to look for designers that know how to design for the plus size woman.Not only did he nail  NYFW,  bu…

NYFW:What to Expect? ?

Fashion Week or Month is here so what can you expect.As fashion becomes more accessible to everyone, the traditional exclusive fashion shows have changed.Designers who are used to having exclusive shows for the top editors of publications, buyers and celebrities now are at a quandary.Bloggers are now being replaced by traditional publications at an alarming rate and designers still don't know which ones have a true followers or what if they have the skills to write about fashion in the traditional way.Most established designers who can't adapt to the new changes, they are not on the schedule but they are having private viewings and parties for the traditional editors and celebrity clients or their stylists.The ones who have embrace the change such are making their clothes accessible in the form of official pop up shops. Many are live streaming their shows in large viewing areas so the public can be a part of the Fashion Week excitement, which would translate into instant consu…