NYFW:What to Expect? ?

Fashion Week or Month is here so what can you expect.

As fashion becomes more accessible to everyone, the traditional exclusive fashion shows have changed.

Designers who are used to having exclusive shows for the top editors of publications, buyers and celebrities now are at a quandary.

Bloggers are now being replaced by traditional publications at an alarming rate and designers still don't know which ones have a true followers or what if they have the skills to write about fashion in the traditional way.

Most established designers who can't adapt to the new changes, they are not on the schedule but they are having private viewings and parties for the traditional editors and celebrity clients or their stylists.

The ones who have embrace the change such are making their clothes accessible in the form of official pop up shops. Many are live streaming their shows in large viewing areas so the public can be a part of the Fashion Week excitement, which would translate into instant consumer sales.

Another set of designers are only showing   to bloggers and social media influencers. They know bloggers  file faster reports and they don't care about traditional writing styles either.

So, if you are looking for traditional, public accessibility, and all things social media this is what NYFW has evolved into.


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