Subscription Boxes Review

So  we said in the name of  frugality we would turn to subscription boxes for our beauty needs.

We chose Allure and Essence because they were associated with major media publications.

We'll while Essence Beauty Box was heavy on the hair care products,  we didn't mind so much, they had this amazing Keratin Treatment Conditioner that left our hair so silky. They just stopped the beauty boxes,  no explanation September was the last one, it was nice.

Allure who doesn't love the beauty boxes from them, until we started to see the same company with different products, most customers want beauty samples like their beauty editors.

So, after spending 60.00 on drugstore brands we looked at the beauty box list,  our fingers are crossed we chose an old player in the field and we chose America's favorite beauty store that is rolling out their subscription boxes as well.

We decided not to mess around with skin care too much but, if we wanted to be on trend with latest make up, then 24.00 is worth an investment.

Cheers to trying new things! !

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