The Next Fashion Billionaire

Every generation as that one break out designer who choose to be different and embrace societal change,  which  catapults them to the  stratosphere.

It was on Project Runway when we first heard of  Christian Sirrano, his designs where  amazing and he shared his pain of being bullied to million of viewers.

So, when the light of the 15 minutes of fame go out, he kept going. By first  designing for Christina Hendricks of then Mad Man fame.

As Hollywood began to cast more women who are larger than a size 4 , other designers wouldn't have anything to do with them, but he embraces being a designer for all types.

When this NYFW  there was buzz about his show, but his show was the most positive out of them all because not only  did it show a range of sizes from the models. The garments were well crafted, elegant and classy.

If I am a  buyer for any major retailer, part of my job is to now is to look for designers that know how to design for the plus size woman.

Not only did he nail  NYFW,  but the Emmy Awards with the high couture was excellent,  the bright yellow dress on Angela Bassett enhanced her features to the point where she looked regal.

Fashion should not be marginalized by an industry that who dictates,  the norm of Beauty, but all women of all colors and shapes have a right to feel and look great.

This should be the goal of fashion,  which  Mr. Sirrano has embraced fully  and by doing so he is the Millennial Generation's Fashion Billionaire.

Cheers to your authentic success!

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