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Our Holiday Picks---Beauty.

We have been to some pretty amazing events this year and sampled some great products and here is what we found:


Whish Mud Mask:
This is Mud Mask is great going on it gives a tingly sensation but when give it a month and you will see amazing results.

Murad Vitamin C and Acne Spot Treatment:
This facial wash is great and it does give that brighten glowing appearing when used every day.
The acne spot treatment is great as well because it is super concentrated and it gives that all glowing appearance

The Almond Oil Shower Gel, with the winter months coming up it sure does live up to standard and is super rich and you don't need a moisturizer after your shower.

The Cottage Greenhouse:
The Cucumber Shea Butter moisturizer hand lotion, if you are constantly in water this is a great hand lotion for you, a little dab will do you, but it is wonderful.


The next best thing to having your nail bed damaged is having press on nails. They have made a huge come back and the comp…

Our Fall Picks...

We know we were being melodramatic and not fun or lighthearted as we normally are...

Here are a few things that we know are fab for the fall and holiday season...

Subscription Boxes:

Vine Oh!

I have ordered from this place around five times... at first their intro price was 12.95 but they had me hooked for real...

Here is what you get:
2 bottles of wine with an option of one or two extra, they are so good that I have had several people tell me their guests wanted to know where I got that wine!

The wines are premium and they are seasonal as well.

But, it comes with a Oh Now box, geared for women, but it is amazing!
You get earrings, bath and beauty products, and a sweet treat.

What I love about the box is it's value and seasonality!!!

The holidays are coming up and for the reds they will have a Merlot and the whites they will have a Riesling and I can't wait to see what they are going to have for Oh Now box looking forward to that!!

Fab Fit Fun

Everyone knows this box, it is quarterly but …

Why we still need libraries NOW!!

The average 35 year old would think why would I need to go to a library?

There is the Internet right???

Well, NO there isn't only 10 percent of American households have WiFi or Internet access and if you are a child and you go to an after school program then, Internet access is not at all cool when you are legally not allowed to be alone until after the age 18.

So, you ask a library?

Yes library not only still provide great places to get lost in a books, but it is a great and safe place for children to meet. In fact most libraries now have teen centers where teens are separate from adults and adults can't go into the teen area they are password protected areas, really. (High tech stuff).

Teens can learn new skills, do their homework,  college prep, play games, and even do live podcasts!! Who knew...

Having a baby...

There are classes for that as well, a lactation specialist would come in and show individuals the importance of not only breastfeeding, but what if the baby doesn&…