Our Fall Picks...

We know we were being melodramatic and not fun or lighthearted as we normally are...

Here are a few things that we know are fab for the fall and holiday season...

Subscription Boxes:

Vine Oh!

I have ordered from this place around five times... at first their intro price was 12.95 but they had me hooked for real...

Here is what you get:
2 bottles of wine with an option of one or two extra, they are so good that I have had several people tell me their guests wanted to know where I got that wine!

The wines are premium and they are seasonal as well.

But, it comes with a Oh Now box, geared for women, but it is amazing!
You get earrings, bath and beauty products, and a sweet treat.

What I love about the box is it's value and seasonality!!!

The holidays are coming up and for the reds they will have a Merlot and the whites they will have a Riesling and I can't wait to see what they are going to have for Oh Now box looking forward to that!!

Fab Fit Fun

Everyone knows this box, it is quarterly but what I love about this subscription box is they the in between boxes called Editor's Boxes.

In the Fall Editor's Box I scored a wonderful sterling silver necklace called wishbone I haven't taken it off since I got it and it looks so good! I also scored a bag that looks amazing that I can to any business meeting. Then the mini- room difusers in Apple makes any room smell so good and inviting and the Mea - Sea room spray in citrus makes any room smell amazing.

Then of course the books...

We went to the Hachette Book Brunch one warm October afternoon, and it was so great!

The authors were approachable and down to Earth, in fact I had a great in depth conversation with one of them she was so insightful and I have been reading her books for the past decade. She came with no entourage but her lovely husband and friend and she explained to me her writing process, which is something that I can appreciate for certain.

Random House... Behold the Dreamers the Oprah Book Club Pick

What I love about this event no, not the wine, but we were seated at tables and we were able to discuss the book with other readers and with an editor who facilitated the small discussion groups. The reason this book is so interesting is talks of an immigrant who is lured by the "American Dream" meets someone who is living the Dream, then through a series of turns they realize that perhaps this dream is not what they bargained for and returned to their homeland, how the writer tells ending and the journey of the story is amazing. But, what is so amazing in the author's journey, she like me was taught that writing or anything in the creative field is not profitable so while she loved books, and thought of stories as a child she never thought of writing as a career, until she got laid off. When she got laid off, she applied and applied for all types of jobs for two years until she decided to give this writing thing a chance. And for her first novel, to win so many other awards in the writing field, to be invited to speak at the UN, etc. This just goes to show everyone that what you are truly suppose to do in life, your calling will find you in unexpected ways.

Foodie Alert:
Making homemade sauces, my mother had so many tomatoes it was such an overabundance and one day I wanted to make empanadas but didn't have an store bought Sofrito, so I saute a bunch of tomatoe's added onion, garlic, cilantro, cumin, and oregano, and made the empandas, it was okay, but I was craving some black bean soup and I used the sofrito and it was amazing! The taste was that of any high end Latin American restaurant, the flavors of the sofrito, the black bean and the cassava dumplings where awesome!

Got a sweet tooth then you should check out thecrispery.com they make huge rice crispy treats, so... what is so amazing about them is that they operate in a nut free facility, so if you or your child has a nut allergy then you can feel safe knowing that this is treat won't have you reaching out for the Epipen.

That is what we were up to this October... lot's of other good things happening in the future so we are looking forward to Nov....


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