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Frugality Alert : Groceries for Under 100.00

It is the last hooray of the summer, which is Labor Day and we took the 100.00 dollar challenge.
How many healthy groceries can we get for under 100.00
We listed our list into 4 quadrants:
Fresh Vegetables
We looked for the best prices on all the quadrants.
1. Protein : Chicken was on sale for 99 cents a pound so we got two fryer packs for 17.00 dollars.
2. We looked for veggies mushrooms, spinach and kale, corn were all on sale.
Spinach was 2 for 5.
Kale was 2.00
Corn was 6 for 2.49
Green Bananas was 4 for 2.00 they are raw plantains that is loaded with iron and potassium.
Keebler Cookies had a special 2 for 4 dollars
Cheese crackers were buy one get one free, great for entertaining.
Tropicana had 2 for 4 dollars of their refrigerated all natural juices.
Organic Juice was on sale for 2 dollars
We picked up mango, and pineapple coconut.
Then condiments we looked at the Jerk season 2 for 6, but there was a marinade that was less sp…

Calling All Fashionistas !! Find Out How You Can Join Us At StyleCon

Style lovers finally, have their own "CON"
Style Con NYC , Sat. Sept. 8 12pm to 5:30 pm @rootstudios an inspirational day of fashion and beauty, digital content creation, motivational, and educational speakers, pop up shops, plus Complimentary pamper services.

Celebrity Host @mrjaymanuel will be moderating the panels. You'll get a Style Tote full of products as well as refreshments pre -event, Networking Hour and Rooftop Happy Hour with complimentary drinks.
Listen and learn from the movers and shakers, the disrupters, CEO's and founders, models and beauty gurus. Tix await at use code Positivexpert for an additional 10 percent off any ticket level.And we will see you Sept.8, 2018!