Adult Milk and Cookies

My favorite childhood treat was milk and cookies. I didn't have it very often but when I did it was something to savor.

Here are some recipes that you and your hubby can make for each other and have a great time enjoying each other's company:

1. Box of Girhadeli Chocolate Chip Mix:
Follow the recipe on the box
ADULT ADD IN: Take 1/2 cup of chopped pecans, 1/4 cup of butter, and rum, in a skillet toast all three ingredients until the alcohol is not as prominent. Pour into Cookie Mix. Bake according to the box.

Milk Pairing: 1 cup of milk- whatever you use, in a saucepan, mix in nutmeg, and vanilla, and another 1/4 cup of rum blend til well and till saucepan is till a boil. Then cool and serve with warm cookies.

2. Snicker doodles
Christmas time everyone wants these cookies with its buttery, cinnamon taste. Betty Crocker has one of the best mixes make according to package.
ADULT ADD IN:  Almond extract, Madacascar vanilla extract, and Almond liquor.
Bake according to the package.

Milk Paring: 1 cup of milk- again whatever you use, vanilla bean and almond liquor, slow boil until you smell the vanilla.

3. Double Chocolate Cookies:
1. Package of double chocolate cookie mix, 1/4 cup butter toffee coated Macademia Nuts, with 1/4 cup Kahula.

Milk Pairing: Mexican Hot Chocolate: The best mix is the Aztec brand from Harney and Sons, again use your favorite milk and add in the Kahula, top with whipped cream.

Cheers to a night of sexy elegance!

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