Book Report: InterCourses

It is finally heating up in NYC, so you shouldn't have a cold bedroom.

This month's Book Report: Inter Courses  is a classic book in traditional aphrodisiac cookbook by husband and wife.

My favorite recipe is the Artichoke and Scallop Kebabs.
Artichokes as we know are a natural aphrodisiac, however the onions, garlic, and jalapenos. This makes for a very arousing appetizer or main course.

Surprisingly black beans represent fertility and arousal. They delicious recipes for black bean salsa, black bean fritters, and black bean chili.

According to the book Medieval women scented bath water with Rosemary to allure men. Hey if you have fresh sprigs in the garden or the farmer's market add some to chicken, fish, seafood and have an arousing night.

Lastly dessert, honey drenched figs, with chocolate hazelnut truffles.

Hey, this book also gives recipes for massage oils and other goodies.

Cheers to spending an arousing and fulfilling Spring and Summer!

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