Collectively Scoring Deals: BFF Clubs

You have been eyeing an item on one of your favorite websites or stores for a while.

However, the item or items are below the cost it would qualify for free shipping and paying double in shipping costs isn't such a good idea when the product costs half than that, so What do you do?

Solution! You can let your friends know about an upcoming sale and ask them if they wouldn't mind going in with your purchase, this way if you want to score your deals you can and they can make a purchase with you, this way this shipping is free.

Of course you will have figure out whose credit card, you will use, but if you are asking the favor to join in on the deal, then it should come from your account.

Also, once the item ships and you get e-mail confirmation, send your friend a copy of the shipment notice, with a friendly reminder to get their payment ready.

Once you get the items, notify your friend they will come over with the payment and together you can enjoy on scored deals.

You can create a calendar of your favorite stores and send an e-mail to your friends and ask if they want to go in with the deals with you. This way people are that much prepared.

Cheers to collectively enjoying deals!

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