Final Summer Finds/ Dresses to Home Decor

Now that I had to change my entire summer wardrobe from maxi, high/low dresses and jumpsuits I had to give away because the doctor didn't want me tripping on a dress or jumpsuit and breaking another toe or worse.

What was I do ? I was thinking how I am going to replace and come up with appropriate outfits.


I know you must be thinking I am crazy, nope, I was able to get an orange sequin, razor back dress, a wonderfully lined cream ruched blazer and bright colored Prabal Grung dress all for under $35.00.

They came on time and they fit and look wonderful. With my makeup, and highlights the orange with the cream and tan sandals, look amazing! The bright colored dress with capri leggings are great for a music festival or movies, with yellow nail polish and black sandals hit the high note.

The jacket is so well made with lining you can wear it with anything and it elevates any outfit!
But what about your home?
Your home is an extension of you, so here are some the amazing finds that we were able to find for under $100.00
1. Margarita Set- Pitcher with 6 Margarita Glasses for 21. 00 at Target- excellent quality glasses as well.
Spring time brunches and BBQ's Margarita's are the best way to go!
2. Two red ceramic vases- for 4.98 each at Target
Next Bobby Flay has an excellent high quality home furnishings at Kohl's
A runner for 30.00- red, yellow, and orange stripes / and a sea color one. The red for BBQ's and the Blue for Father's Day and Parent's Visits.

Place mats for 1.99 each in orange and blue to pick up the color scheme of the red and blue table runners respectively.
Napkins were 2.99 each and I bought them in a sangria and yellow color to pick up the colors of the runners.

Came under 50.00 for a service of six.

Wall Decor, my parents spent thousands of dollars for art work growing up, but I discovered a wonderful vendor through that would frame prints of Van Gogh, Salvador Dali for a total cost of 25.00, not bad these are prints that are large enough for a wall.

So, my favorite Monet print is that of flowers and instead of fresh flowers every week in my bedroom. I wake up with that wonderful print.

Cheers to scoring BIG in home d├ęcor and summertime fashion!

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