Gifts for Grads

Your niece, nephew or even child is graduating from high school or college what do you give them?

If your niece or nephew was lucky to score a job, especially in NYC, here are some practical gifts:

1. One Unlimited Monthly Metro Card
2. Gift Certificate to Sticky Fingers Joint- It is a restaurant that specializes in "Grown Up" chicken finger would come in handy for late night orders.
3. A gift card to Macy's so they can buy all there career wardrobe essentials.
4. A talk about : "How not to get fired!"
5. A gift card to AMC Theaters- No more student discounts and recreation in NYC is expensive, if they want to see the latest flick or date night.
6. A gift card to Ikea- They got a engineering degree from MIT, now they can put it to good use while furnishing their apartment.
7. If they are creative and want to "land" a their big gig in a movie:
      - Headshots from a professional and reputable photographer
      - Membership to 92nd Y at Tribeca- they have to continue to study and learn their craft
      - Evening acting classes
      - Thank you card, for every audition, for everyone who listens to your pitch a hand written thank you note goes a long way.
8. A coding class- everyone now a days must have some experience with HTML, Ruby on Rails, etc.
9. A signature scent- everyone wants to be memorable and the best style advice that was given to me, was have ONE scent, this way will always remember you.
10. A frank talk about how to be a NICE person and a copy of the book Give and Take!

Cheers to the class of 2013!

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