Healthy Eats: Gardein Meatless Products

While I was watching QVC/ David the Foodie, and the CEO of Gardein Meatless Products gave a product demonstration.

So, I calculated how much I spent on Morningstar Products and so I tried to there products for 29 meals for 56.00 including shipping and handling.

When, the products came within two days, I had a delicious meal of Mandarin Orange, Crispy Chicken, Burgers, Chicken Fingers, and Beef Tips.

The best thing about these products are not only the taste, but the soy protein they use are non genetically engineered soybeans, wheat, and canola oil.

The first meal that I had was the Mandarin Orange with green beans, it was amazing! The calorie count is 150, fat 7 grams, sodium 260mg, and the protein is 17 grams. A plant protein based diet builds lean muscle mass, and fills you up, so you aren't hungry every two hours.

You can substitute them when guests come over for the BBQ- put them on the grill, if you have nieces and nephews and your children, then you throw the chicken finger in the oven, they wouldn't know the difference.

Cheers to a delicious summer with Gardein Meatless Products!

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