Mother's Day Guide!

What do you get your Mother, friend, or aunt??

It depends:

Expecting Mothers:
Give practical and helpful gifts, not another pregnancy guide book, or how to lose the baby fat, remember we are focusing on the Positive! Expecting mothers from all incomes would love these gifts.

1.Gift Certificate to Pea in the Pod- If you are looking for sexy, cute, and comfortable this is your one stop store.

2. Flip Flops by Nike
Nordstroms have these on sale and talk about walking on air!

3. Gift Certificate for Private Chef: Post Baby
The woman in your life just gave birth and do you really think that she has energy to comb her hair, far less to fix a meal. Most private chefs cater exactly to the needs of their clients and they don't deviate or less their licenses are on the line and most of them would prepare a week's worth of meals and leave it for their clients on Sunday. All she and hubby has to do is pop in oven or microwave.

4. A surgical shower chair
I know this may sound strange, but in your third trimester, many women have told me that they could barely stand to the shower, so this maybe a good investment.

5. Reliable Nanny Services
If she hasn't thought about this yet, give her names of fully vetted nannies, who know baby CPR, no criminal records, etc.

Women who are Cancer Survivors:

I am certain someone knows of someone who unfortunately went through the horrors of diagnosis, and treatment. I know for certain they don't want another donation to a cancer related non-profit.

1. Wide Rimmed Sun Hats:
Many survivors are told they need to avoid sun at all costs, especially if they are within the 6 year window after chemo, or breast reconstruction.

2. Zoya Nail Polish:
Zoya is the oldest and cleanest nail polish on the market that doesn't have any harmful chemicals that would cause the cancer to reoccur.

3. Sunscreen:
We all need sunscreen but for cancer survivor's it is especially important and NOT the self- tanning kind at all! Supergoop is great SPF 50 and above!

4. A Bounty of Harvest
A share to local harvest garden, many survivors have to avoid processed foods so many great veggies that are antioxidants are in season, so go to your local farmers market and see if they can arrange a monthly box of their goodness to be shipped to your friends home.

Mother who has it all!
The mother who really doesn't need anything materially.

A gift certificate to a mediation retreat either in Lenox, MA, or many abbey's along the Hudson River in NY have retreats, you go there for a couple of days and mellow out. The grounds at these abbey's are wonderful and immaculate.

Mother who is struggling.
She maybe in a bad marriage, or single Mom and she is doing her thing to keep it all together.
Comedy DVD's or her favorite musical artist- she can pop one of those in and literally loose herself in laughs.
Give her a free pass to raid your closet, I am certain she made a mention that she would love something of yours- so part with it, it really is only things.
My favorite candles- NEST votives for 32.00 when she has five minutes she can light a candle and relax while taking a shower.

For everyone else:
Clothes that are age appropriate
Tea love tea- Harney and Sons for amazing teas
Crate and Barrel, just unveiled their newest tea collection.
Basket of treats- My mother loves cheese, pates, jams and nuts. Plus she also mentioned several times that she needed a new black bag, so in the bag I have the jams and nuts, the cheese and pate will arrive just in time for weekly brunch.

Cheers to having a wonderful Mother's Day!

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