The Perfect Pedicure

Sandal season is here and everyone is going pedicure crazy.

As a person who believes in DIY pedicures, here are some great tips I found to be helpful:

1. Every night soak your feet in your foot bath- Conair has the best.
(Put a cap ful of bleach in after every soaking.

2. I discovered from Julep- Pre Pedi Lotion. Your put this on your feet especially if they are cracked for 4 min., then take a foot file, and slough away the dead skin, rise and massage your feet with your favorite lotion.

3. After you lotion your feet then put them in white socks, until the next day--This is the secret KEY

4. Change polish every 3 days.

If you do this regimen, you will always have the softest feet around.

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