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Banana Pancakes Recipe: Yumm

I love bananas high in potassium, but what do you when after the 3rd day of eating bananas?

Make banana pancakes!

Here's a recipe for brunch, Father's Day, or to show your family you care.

Banana Pancakes:

3 cups Pancake Flour Mix: Pillsbury, etc.
4 mashed ripe bananas
2 tablespoons of cinnamon
2 tablespoons of vanilla extract
1 teaspoon of ground nutmeg
3 tablespoons of brown sugar

In a separate bowl make the banana mixture, when the banana mixture is well blended, then set aside and allow for all the flavors to blend with the fruit.

In another bowl, make the pancakes according to the package on the box, then add the banana mixture to the pancake batter.

In a non- stick griddle or skillet, pour the batter into the hot skillet, until pancakes are well done.

Yields a lot of pancakes, if it is just the two of you, then freeze the pancakes, or freeze half the batter.

If you want to add a little sassy to your maple syrup, then heat in a microwavable dish, heat the syrup with some rum and pour o…

Summertime Pies: Eating Seasonal Fruit

Summer is among us, time to put away those rich and heavy desserts, and lighten up a bit with seasonal pies.

In the Hamptons there are places where you can pick your own fruit, so why not! Or you can just pick up a bushel from the local farm stand.

Here are my favorite summertime pies:

Blueberry, Raspberry and Strawberry Pie

1. Take a pint of all three berries and put them into a bowl, wash with cold water and squeeze fresh lemon juice on them and refrigerate.

2. Take an already made pie shell and brush it with butter and brown sugar.

3. Make the syrup to go with the berries, take 100 percent pure Agave Nectar, cinnamon, vanilla, a pinch of ground cloves, and nutmeg, with Raspberry liquor, mint, and water.

4. Stir until it is a thick consistency.

5. Pour the syrup into the berry mixture

6. Pour the berry mixture into the pie shell and bake for 25 min. until berries are tender and bubbly.

You can substitute peaches, nectarines, apricots, for berry mixture.

Cheers to a healthy sweet tooth!

How to Keep Your Kids Mind Sharp!

We all went to school and for summer vacay, our brain got a little foggy.

Now a days we can't afford for our children's brain to get out of tune during the summer, here are some fun and creative ways, you can them from the brain fog.

1. Reading and Perform a Play-
When my cousins visited during the summer, we read books, then we created our own plays based on the books in the backyard.
We are talking about Shakespeare, Lord of the Flies, etc. our parents gave us a week to read the books, then we had fun deciding who was going to play what characters, etc. The adults were supportive and we were ahead of the learning curve come school time.

2. Spelling Bees-
We also enacted the Scripps Spelling Bee, with Spelling Bees of our own, then we had trips to the Ice Cream Shop.

3. Board Games-
Lots of critical thinking skills can be learned, by good old fashion game of Monopoly, Chutes and Ladders, Clue, The Game of Life.

4. Good Old Fashion Store
I remember when my niece visited she watched so …

Power Drinks Energy

It is the middle of the day and you are feeling sluggish, you are tempted to go for something sugary or caffeinated.

Here are two dinks that I make that have me feeling full of energy:

Tropics of Power

1/2 cup of Greek Yogurt
3 ripe mangos
1/2 fresh pineapple
3 Bottles of Water

Blend all the ingredients in a blender serve over crushed ice.
Tropics of Power! Berry Power
1 carton of fresh berries, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries
1/2 cup of Greek yogurt
2 bottles of water
Blend until smooth..

This drink is great because it gives you the antioxidants from the berries and the protein from the Greek Yogurt. Delicious and it gives you great energy.

Cheers to Energy Drinks!

Buying Clothes that Can Transition

We are into the start of summer and I know we want to score some great items and look uber trendy.

However, keep in mind if you live on the East Coast, summer ends in less than 1 1/2 half.

So you should buy things that can easy transition into fall, for me the Calvin Klein, tanks, the black and white one I can easily wear with gray pants and black jacket, or black pants and black jacket. The tank with green, yellow, and black--Black pants or skirt suit or green skirt.

If you bought and evening jumpsuit you can wear a lined evening jacket to transition for fall and winter months.

I only bought one floral jacket--17.50, three summer color dresses again at below market prices, one for $15.00, 13.00, and 9.73.

So, depending on wear you live you want to buy the majority of your wardrobe based on the weather that is the most predominant.

Cheers to smart buying!

Tribute to My Southern and Southwest Audience: Corn and Bacon Pie

To My Southern and Southwest Audience:

I created something last night for that I know you would enjoy for Sunday Brunch:

Corn and Bacon Pie:

2 cans of corn ears
1 package of shredded Cheddar Cheese
4 slices of cooked Thick Sliced Bacon
5 eggs

Heat oven to 350 degrees.

In a mixing bowl, hand blend 2 cans or corn drained, 1 package of Shredded Cheddar Cheese

While you are mixing that, get that bacon going in the fry pan, until crisp.

Cool, the bacon then blend in the eggs and bacon to the corn an cheese mix.

In a pie pan coat pan with olive oil so the mixture won't stick.

Pour mixture into pie pan and bake until thoroughly cooked, takes an hour.

When pie is cooked serve hot.

Cheers to a good Southern and Southwest Brunch!!

Charity Spotlight: More Love Letters

I have an extremely short list for charities that I support, but More Love Letters is an amazing organization.

Many people I believe are altruistic, we want to help however with daily grind of life we find that attending endless board meetings, planning and then asking our friends to give to our charities can be daunting.

So, one day while channel flipping I saw a story about a young woman Hannah Brencher who was lonely and a bit depressed, who started to write love letters to people and just leave them in random places.

This momentum caught one and she organized her efforts into a legitimate non-profit called More Love Letters.

To participate in this charity is so easy you go to there website read the requirements and sign up.

Every month you get a case of a person who is going through a difficult time and you write them a "love letter" words of encouragement, mail it back to the More Than Love Letters team and they will send a bundle to that person directly.

This is the best c…

Planning Your Staycation

Some of us don't have summer homes, and the relatives that live in another state or country we really don't want to visit.

Many of us will opt for a staycation, here are some helpful tips to plan your staycation:

1. Don't tell you boss or co-workers you will be in town, they will feel the need to call you even though it is your official vacation.

2. Don't plan a lot of home improvement projects that you will never get to at all.

3. Rent as much from Nexflix! Time to catch up on your favorite shows or movies you didn't get a chance to view.

4. Sleep as late as possible.

5. Go to the beach as frequently as possible.

6. You know those Sexy Cookbooks that I've mentioned now is the time to try out those recipes with your hubby or girlfriend.

7. If you are a guy don't shave until the day before you have to go back to work.

8. Try the local restaurants.

9. Go running on the beach before dawn.

10. Prepare a moonlit beach dinner and gaze at the stars with your significant othe…

National Martini Day: Blueberry Martini

This recipe is modified from the Absolut Vodka Site.

Blueberry Martini Cocktail Recipe:

4 Parts Absolut Vodka
1 Part Vodka
1 Part Blueberry Liqueur
3 Teaspoons Blueberry Pie Filling
3 Springs of Thyme muddled

Fill a Shake with Ice cubes
Add all ingredients
Shake and strain into a chilled martini glass
Garnish with Blueberries

Cheers to National Blueberry Martini Day!

Safety Tips for the Nail Salon

If you must go to the nail salon, here are some helpful tips, so you can minimize infections at nail salons.

1. Always take your own nail polish to the salon. Many salons don't throw out their inventory after 3 months, which you should do always

2. Take your own nail tools- Go to your local Sephora and get your own, ask the Sephora person for all the proper tools. Bring your tools to your appointment and when you get home, soak your tools in alcohol.

3. Take your own face mask, you can go to the local Home Depot and get a face mask. Many nail technicians wear face masks because of the chemicals, so you protect yourself as well, especially if you are pregnant.

4. Pedicure- Many salons still have the bubble spa machines; however you should do your own hard work- file your heels, warm pedicure with olive oil. I would only go to the nail salon to get my toes professionally painted. Bring your own nail polish!!

Cheers to keeping your nails and feet safe!

Book Report: The Seduction Cookbook

We know the key to a man's heart is through his stomach, and if your man is reading this, then he should take note regarding what foods will get you going.

This is the third book that we reviewed area of cooking to spice up your love life. Yes, there are classes you can take, but we thought what if you take a class and the aphrodisiacs really work, it really wouldn't be cool to take a trip to the bathroom during a break, wink, wink...

The book of this month:  The Seduction Cookbook

What was different about this book were:

1. Late Night Seduction Snacks:
Who would a thought of Kiwi slices and Brie Cheese? or Toasted Cinnamon Raisin Bread with Cream Cheese.
This book uses mushrooms a lot in their recipes, we know it is a great antioxidant but to get you in the mood, we should cook up some wild mushroom pizza.

2. The Morning After
After you get through this book, and have energy for the second day of eating and love making, the author suggests:
1. Broiled Grapefruit with Brown Sugar Glaze

How to Get a Deal with a Private Chef or Caterer

Spring and Summer is among us and I have a rule, if you invite more than 6 people, I am catering.

Here are my tips for getting the most out of a private chef or caterer:

1. Have them prepare all the food on premise- this way you can ensure the freshness and make certain they are on time!

2. Many caterers and private chefs find the cheapest cut of meats, then mark up their price for time and labor to the hilt, to avoid this suggest, you will provide the meats- whatever your meat of choice. Two things- reduces costs and ensures you and your guests that you are getting the best quality.

3. When a caterer suggests desserts, unless they are a pastry chef, don't bother. This again reduces costs by another 25 percent. I would have my local bakery provide me with two large decadent cakes that you can pick up the day of the event.

4. Some caterers offer bartending services, I would use this, but again provide them with a stocked bar and for mixers and juices go to BJ's or Costco's …

Fashion Show: Nautical Show

Nautical Theme: Time for the Regatta!! This is a coral tank, Pink Sequin Wide Brim Hat, White Jeans, and a navy stripped with coral trim scarf

Denim Tank Dress, with a Bomber Hooded Jacket, and a Pink Coral Hat !
                                           White Jeans with a Black and White Peplum Jacket with a red tank.

Cheers to the Nautical Look and to the day at the Regatta!!

Summer Fashion Week: Beach Cover Up's

We found some "unique" beach cover ups for a great price.
These dresses are super cute has loads of embellishments and covers everything that needs to be covered!
This was one of our Target finds for 9.00 clearance again, swim suit underneath, super cute!
OK, we forgot how to use the rotate feature, however; this is a MUST Supergoop, I use it in the winter as well!

Summer Fashion Show: Maxi and High- Low Dresses

Here's our Findings on the Maxi and High- Low Dresses:

This dress needs no accessories just  nude make up and nail color with natural wedges.
This picture really doesn't do this maxi justice it is a cowl necked, silk blend maxi with moonstone jewelry.

Summer Fashion Show: Florals and Prints

Florals and Prints are big this season, here is what we put together:

Take a classic floral jacket like this pair it with a blue tank and black pants.

Take the Same Jacket and Pair it with a sea foam green bodycon dress with the bright yellow in the jacket and zipper from the dress goes well
Our Favorite floral top, wear with turquoise capri pants, you gotta it made!
White jeans goes well with this Calvin Klein draped tank, the yellow, greens and black compliment each other. BEAUTY PICKS: Keep it simple with nude makeup, and a simple scent.  Cheers to summer florals and prints that are fun and flirty.

Positivexpert Fashion Week: Black and White

This week we are giving you a Positivexpert Summer Fashion Show!

Our take on Black and White
 Here's our Take on Summer Fashions:

This is a body con mini- dress perfect for summer parties
 This is a V neck mini- dress in classic Marilyn Monroe style! Cute for summer picnics or a romantic date.

Classic White Jeans with a Calvin Klein Draped Tank, with wedges perfect for summer gatherings.

Spice Bomb Scent, nail color copper works well and nude gloss and eyeliner from Stilla .
ACQUA di Giorgio classic scent, for long lashes, Lo real Voluminous, silver for nails, evenings silver glitter over coat and our favorite earrings that work for day and night from Swarkorski

Bridal Shower Gifts

We are going back to basics with bridal shower and bridal lunches!

Here are some shower gifts that are a little naughty and a little nice:

1. Seduction for Two by Moll Anderson- Excellent!!

2. The Newlywed Cookbook by William Sonoma

3. Gift Certificates for two for date nights- Bowling, Art Museums, etc.

4. Gift Certificate to Babeland- Naughty Treats

5. Gift Certificate to a Spa for a Couple's Message.

Cheers to making your bride happy!

Scents for Men

Who doesn't love a well groomed man that smells great!

Here are a few scents that smell great on any man.

1. Dolce & Gabbana- Sport for Men Eau De Toilette: This has a perfect blend of musk, then is rounded out by citrus blend that smells insane!

2. Perrlier- Caribbean Vanilla Coffee:
Trust me this isn't nearly as bad as it sounds, it doesn't smell like food or anything remotely feminine, it is a great blend of Caribbean spice mixed with rugged musk, that if your hubby wears this, you are in for great night of love making for certain. All he needs is a cigar and brandy and he is over the top.

3. Aqua Di Giorgio-
This has been an award winning fragrance for years, it is the perfect ocean and citrus blend that would take you back to the night you first fell in love.

4. Lacoste for Men
This is a real cool and sporty scent that is great for a brunch, or right after a work out.

Cheers to the scents for MEN!!!!

Self- Esteem Check

Summer is getting on it's way and as you look at the babes in the gym, you realized that you haven't kept your New Year's Resolution, which is to loose weight.

Then, your friend calls you and tells you that she scored venture financing on the business that she started at the beginning of the year.

You are tempted to feel like dirt, but don't, here is what I do when I am feeling down, I mean saw the "Promise Land," in terms of me losing the last 50 lbs. and I broke my toe in 3 places! So I couldn't walk, or work out until July.

Here is what you do: Self- Esteem Check

Write down your ten best traits, which are true, we aren't playing Fantasy Island.

Write them down every day, until you really begin to see changes and feel more confident about yourself.

We all have plans and goals, but things happen!

Cheers to your top TEN Positive Traits!

Breakfast, Brunch, or Dessert: Granola Parfait

Everyone who is into health has witnessed the Granola parfait in restaurants, Manhattan bodegas, etc.

Here is our take on a super healthy, yet delicious treat.

Granola with flax seed

Greek Yogurt (plain)

Fresh Seasonal Fruit

In  dessert glass layer yogurt, granola, and fruit until fruit is on top.

This is a great way to start your day, it has protein, probiotics, and fiber and it tastes delicious.

Cheers to a healthy way to start your day!

What to give Dad for Father's Day

Father's Day is right around the corner what should we give the men in our lives?

Here are some creative gifts:

Sports Buff:
1. NBA Store:
You can customize a shirt with your guy's favorite team. For my father's birthday, I customize the Brooklyn Nets jersey with his name and the year he was born on back.

2. Gift Certificate to Sports Authority

3. Gift Certificate to Dick's Sporting Goods

1. Cooking Classes at the local cooking school.
2. New BBQ utensils.
3. New monogrammed BBQ Apron and Mit.
4. If he is a new Dad, Chocolate Cigars from Godiva

1. A personal shopping experience at Brooks Brothers flagship store in NYC.
2. Jeans that fit.
3. An appointment with a tailor who makes custom shirts.
4. Cufflinks.

Businessman and Entrepreneur:
1. Gift Certificate to Steak Houses to entertain clients.
2. A new computer
3. The max cell phone plan with extra data.
4. Sleep- Tell his partner that needs one day to sleep and you and the kids take his electronics and leave the house.


Gratitude Page- Love to all Our Readers

Another Month- June is here and we are EXCITED!!!

We at positivexpert just want to take time to say THANK YOU!!

We enjoy bringing everyone around the global the informative and entertaining nuggets of  wisdom for a lack of a better word.

This month we have:

1. Father's Day Picks
2. BBQ Grill Tips
3. Summer Nail Colors
4. Salon Safety Tips

And so much more this is our LOVE letter to you, so always feel free to comment and make only POSITIVE suggestions.