Buying Clothes that Can Transition

We are into the start of summer and I know we want to score some great items and look uber trendy.

However, keep in mind if you live on the East Coast, summer ends in less than 1 1/2 half.

So you should buy things that can easy transition into fall, for me the Calvin Klein, tanks, the black and white one I can easily wear with gray pants and black jacket, or black pants and black jacket. The tank with green, yellow, and black--Black pants or skirt suit or green skirt.

If you bought and evening jumpsuit you can wear a lined evening jacket to transition for fall and winter months.

I only bought one floral jacket--17.50, three summer color dresses again at below market prices, one for $15.00, 13.00, and 9.73.

So, depending on wear you live you want to buy the majority of your wardrobe based on the weather that is the most predominant.

Cheers to smart buying!

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