Charity Spotlight: More Love Letters

I have an extremely short list for charities that I support, but More Love Letters is an amazing organization.

Many people I believe are altruistic, we want to help however with daily grind of life we find that attending endless board meetings, planning and then asking our friends to give to our charities can be daunting.

So, one day while channel flipping I saw a story about a young woman Hannah Brencher who was lonely and a bit depressed, who started to write love letters to people and just leave them in random places.

This momentum caught one and she organized her efforts into a legitimate non-profit called More Love Letters.

To participate in this charity is so easy you go to there website read the requirements and sign up.

Every month you get a case of a person who is going through a difficult time and you write them a "love letter" words of encouragement, mail it back to the More Than Love Letters team and they will send a bundle to that person directly.

This is the best charity because if you can find five minutes to write something positive to someone else, you have made a world of difference.

Please support this wonderful organization and there efforts to change the world one "love letter at a time."

Cheers to More Love Letters!

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