How to Get a Deal with a Private Chef or Caterer

Spring and Summer is among us and I have a rule, if you invite more than 6 people, I am catering.

Here are my tips for getting the most out of a private chef or caterer:

1. Have them prepare all the food on premise- this way you can ensure the freshness and make certain they are on time!

2. Many caterers and private chefs find the cheapest cut of meats, then mark up their price for time and labor to the hilt, to avoid this suggest, you will provide the meats- whatever your meat of choice. Two things- reduces costs and ensures you and your guests that you are getting the best quality.

3. When a caterer suggests desserts, unless they are a pastry chef, don't bother. This again reduces costs by another 25 percent. I would have my local bakery provide me with two large decadent cakes that you can pick up the day of the event.

4. Some caterers offer bartending services, I would use this, but again provide them with a stocked bar and for mixers and juices go to BJ's or Costco's this again saves you another 25 percent.

So there are my trust worthy tips on how to cut your catering bill for the summer in half.

Cheers to summertime entertaining!

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