How to Keep Your Kids Mind Sharp!

We all went to school and for summer vacay, our brain got a little foggy.

Now a days we can't afford for our children's brain to get out of tune during the summer, here are some fun and creative ways, you can them from the brain fog.

1. Reading and Perform a Play-
When my cousins visited during the summer, we read books, then we created our own plays based on the books in the backyard.
We are talking about Shakespeare, Lord of the Flies, etc. our parents gave us a week to read the books, then we had fun deciding who was going to play what characters, etc. The adults were supportive and we were ahead of the learning curve come school time.

2. Spelling Bees-
We also enacted the Scripps Spelling Bee, with Spelling Bees of our own, then we had trips to the Ice Cream Shop.

3. Board Games-
Lots of critical thinking skills can be learned, by good old fashion game of Monopoly, Chutes and Ladders, Clue, The Game of Life.

4. Good Old Fashion Store
I remember when my niece visited she watched so many reruns of Little House on the Prairie, she wanted to open up her own general store, so we let her and it was fun, seeing her charge my mother 50 cents for a teaspoon of sugar, etc. This promotes math skills, counting, exchange, etc.

5. Bingo
Bingo is so much fun, because everyone can play and NO you don't have to play for money, but it does require concentration and listening skills.

Congrats to sharp kids year round!

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